School Finance Reform

The best investment we can make is educating our children who are our future. The education must include focus on STEAM and Drug prevention. State law requires public education to be substantially financed through state revenue sources. We all have a shared and equal responsibility to educate our children and the state must hold up their end of the bargain. Today, this isn't the case as our educational system is broken. We need long term solutions...not more dialogue and research to prove this point. The state should pay its fair share and not leave this burden to local property taxpayers.

Evaluate pay scale for teachers to assist with recruitment of top talent but also to retain our top performing teachers. Teacher retention is a direct correlation to the academic success of our children. I fully support the availability and funding of full-day Pre-Kindergarten for all children. Every child deserves an opportunity to be academically successful by getting a high quality education at an early age.


Infrastructure is very important in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), specifically the construction project on Airport Freeway/Highway 183. We can all agree that mobility is extremely important. Irving is located in the middle of DFW and the 9-mile stretch that runs through this city is critical to growth and revenue. I vow to be focused on the completion of this construction, get funds to finish and work with TX DOT to ensure it gets done.

Public Health and Safety

Our own personal health and the health of others we love is very important to us. Economically speaking, increased health care costs could be devastating. I will support Medicaid expansion and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Domestic violence

We must hold offenders accountable and support the victims with safety planning. While domestic violence is both predictable and preventable and many cases are reported, it is sometimes difficult for law enforcement to work every incident in a timely manner. We have to do more to support our communities and first responders to educate households on domestic violence prevention and if needed domestic violence prosecution.

Drug Addiction/Prevention

Addiction is more common than many realize. This is a huge problem that's literally killing people every day. The sooner we can educate our youth about the danger of alcohol and drugs, the better chance we have to counter this epidemic. I call for more effective programs to assist our community in preventive methods, early detection and drugs trends. I stand for state mandated curriculums to educate students as well.

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